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About Us

AY Inflorescence was born out of a passion for bringing the timeless elegance of florals into your everyday life and special moments.


With a commitment to quality and attention to detail, we have honed our skills to create pieces that capture the delicate beauty of real flowers, yet last forever.


We at AY inflorescence

customize flowers

made of air-dried Japanese clay. We create exquisite & niche handcrafted floral arrangements exclusively for our clients.


Our flowers are lightweight

 durable and easy to maintain. Unlike natural flowers, they do not wilt,

lose their colour or cause allergies.


We specialize in arrangements for

home decor, bouquets, ring trays, wreaths, hair accessories, wedding accessories, coat lapels and corporate gifts.


Meet The Team


Anita George

AY Inflorescence happened when Anita and her daughter Yashna lived in Moscow. Anita stumbled upon these beautiful handcrafted, air dried clay flowers which were amazingly beautiful, lightweight and very lifelike. It was then that she decided to learn this new craft which was originated in Japan over 25 years ago. Anita George is a certified instructor of the prestigious Deco Clay Craft Academy.

IMG_7266a - Copy_edited.jpg

Yashna Rachael

Yashna Rachael, graduated in Applied Arts from College of Art, New Delhi. She accompanied her parents to Moscow where she worked at the Anglo American School. She was absolutely intrigued by the Deco clay medium and also decided to learn the technique. Yashna Rachael George is a certified instructor of the prestigious Deco Clay Craft Academy.

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