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During this engaging workshop, you'll delve into the world of DECO Clay Craft. Our experienced instructors will guide you in crafting a stunning arrangement on a decorative box, using delicate roses, charming rose buds, and complementing filler flowers. This class is a "Make and Take" experience, ensuring you have all the necessary materials at your disposal. Upon successfully completing your project, you'll leave with your beautiful creation, ready to adorn your home or share as a unique gift.


Curriculum 1 Certificate Course

In this comprehensive course, you'll receive focused training based on the DECO Curriculum I textbook. This curriculum is designed to walk you through ten carefully crafted projects, each strategically chosen to help you master all the essential techniques of DECO Clay Crafting. By the end of the course, you'll have a solid foundation in this art form, ready to create your own stunning clay masterpieces.


Curriculum 2 Certificate Course

Curriculum II is the natural progression for those who have successfully completed Curriculum I. Once you've earned your Certificate of Completion for Curriculum I, you're eligible to embark on this advanced course. Curriculum II offers an additional ten meticulously designed projects, serving as a springboard to further enhance your mastery of the essential techniques in DECO Clay Crafting. This journey will deepen your expertise and creative potential in this captivating art form

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